Karen C.

Karen is from Pittsburgh, PA and has been an artist at Creative Clay since 2006.

She is a prolific and focused artist who enjoys painting wildlife, especially birds, in a realistic painterly style. Photographs, books, and magazines are sources for her inspiration. Karen sketches and keeps a well-organized journal of her ideas and her photos of birds.  Her many painted birds include a “perched hummingbird,” “a black billed whistling duck by a pond,” a penguin, a swallow-tailed kite, egrets, sea hawks, owls, and many more.  She also enjoys sewing and knitting and works with embroidery, which she said was “very relaxing.”

Karen’s paintings are in private and corporate folk art collections throughout the region. She has had solo and group exhibits at the Good Folk Gallery, and been in local exhibits including “Into the Wild,” at SPC Seminole, Lewis House at Eckerd College, and the Poynter Library. Her work is also displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Store.

When she is not working in the art studio, Karen likes to watch fishing shows on her T.V.  She enjoys fruit for her snack. 

Kim Dohrman