Cathy K.

Cathy, originally from Manhattan, NY, joined the Creative Clay community in 2014, and can be seen in the studio practicing her drawing skills or learning new art techniques.  She is an accomplished portrait artist whose paintings of lovely faces can be seen throughout the galleries at Creative Clay.  Cathy has had portraits commissioned by visitors and business owners and she participates in portrait drawing at many events.  

Cathy explained her process by saying, “I draw portraits of other people.  I sketch them in person with pencils and crayons and sometimes paint. I like all colors.  I also look at pictures of people in books, and I like working with the ipad. I like to get a print. I do a good job, and make it interesting. I work hard, study them and pay attention.  It’s a good feeling.  I get paid for selling my art.” 

Cathy also gains inspiration in the local community visiting cultural venues, and meeting local artists.  She likes music and animals. 

Kim Dohrman