Cornell W.

Cornell was born and raised in Tampa and began coming to the studios at Creative Clay in 2017.  He is a productive and self-directed artist with a friendly, confident  manner. “I’m a smart guy. I’m very poetic at what I do,” he said.

Cornell’s favorite medium is “pencil, graffiti-style, with paint,” he said. When he works in acrylics, his colors are bold and shapes are graphic, and the graffiti influence appears.  His watercolor paintings, done on large sheets of print-making paper, are painterly and fluid in style, with a softer palette and less hard-edge mark-making. The viewer is drawn in by their beauty. Painted poetry is expressed in Cornell’s watercolors.  Cornell has experimented with other mediums, including oil pastel and collage.

His artwork can be viewed in the Good Folk Gallery at Creative Clay.  

Kim Dohrman