Eric Bristow


Eric became a studio artist at Creative Clay in 2017. He is from Paradise, CA, a small Northern California town, and he is a Navy Veteran.  A talented, independent artist, Eric likes to work in a community of artists and the studio offers him such an environment.  Eric chooses to work in fine tipped marker pen and color pencils on paper, and executes these drawings with the detail of a fine illustrator.  His portrayals of rabbits in whimsical settings led to a commission for Creative Clay Fest 2017.  His drawing of a rabbit with an electric guitar appears on t-shirts for the festival and are sold in the Good Folk Gallery.  Eric also invents and draws intricate contraptions that move coal and other objects through a maze of tracks and chutes from one end of the paper to another.  This beautiful series of work, framed for the gallery, and future exhibitions, absorbs the viewer for long lengths of time.  He completed an acrylic painting in bright purple with flowing designs. Eric also has tried his hand at furniture building and his bright red table is available for sale in our gallery.

Eric’s favorite pastimes are drawing, gardening and building bird houses.  He is a wonderful addition to our community.


Kim Dohrman