Linda M.

Linda hails from Chicago and has been at Creative Clay since 2011, or, as she expressed, “a million years.”  She is an important member of the Community Arts Program.

Linda is a dedicated artist who works in many different medias, including drawing, painting, ceramics and mixed media.  Enthusiastically, she will join a group of her peers in the studio to try something new, like paper marbling, or paper-mache.  Linda chooses “bright and happy colors,” she said, and likes to paint flowers and animals. Her inspiration and ideas come from books, her community visits to artists’ studios, galleries and museums.  “Making art makes me happy and I like to sell art,” Linda said.  Her favorite saying is, “Good thing I told you!”

In her spare time Linda enjoys bowling, movies and helping her sister at home. 

Linda’s hand drawn cards, paper-mache penguins, acrylic paintings, and ceramic sculptures can be found in the Good Folk Gallery, and exhibits in the local area.  Many of her floral paintings were featured in the Spring 2017 exhibit, “Flower Power,” at the Community Café, St. Petersburg.   

Kim Dohrman