Marissa H.

Marissa is from Oregon, where she lived until age 15.  She later attended the Dixie Hollins Creative Writing Program and in 2017 she became a studio artist in the Community Arts Program at Creative Clay.  An inspired and motivated artist, Marissa sees her creative ideas through the art process to the gallery sale.

Marissa’s art expression has focused on writing and design. “I am a writer/fashion designer.  I create murder mysteries. Every murder scene in my adult book is based on a famous part of Oregon.  And I re-write children’s stories. I have a lot of stories in the Dixie Hollins’ Rabble Rouser.  And I also create clothing for people with disabilities,” she said.

Since arriving at Creative Clay, Marissa has been experimenting in many new mediums including clay, pastel, color pencil, water color and acrylic paint. Her current focus is creating a body of work for an exhibit in 2018 in the Good Folk Gallery.  Inspired by Mayan printmaking motifs and Native American art, history and culture, Marissa created a series of pencil drawings in earthy colors of traditional Indian symbols and faces that evolved into producing more work of painted feathered headdresses and ceramic plates with glazed markings. 

When not in the studio, Marissa visits galleries and museums and spends time on her hobbies.  “I love all different kinds of music and I love being with my two cats, Ricky and Kate, and hanging out with my Mom.  I listen to audio books for inspiration and I watch TV crime shows for inspiration for my books.  I want my murder mysteries to be a movie someday,” Marissa said.

Kim Dohrman