Shawn D.

Shawn can be found in the studios at Creative Clay focused and concentrating on his artmaking.  Shawn chose to become a member of the Community Arts Program in 2016, after graduating from the Transition Vocational Training program at Creative Clay where he was a student artist for four years.  “I like to draw with other artists and I feel pretty good making art,” Shawn said.

Shawn is skilled at drawing almost anything and has created many drawings of cartoon characters, using crayons, colored pencils and paints, and attached some of these characters together to make a 3D module. His painting of a piece replicating a penny using copper paint with a black sharpie drawing of Abraham Lincoln was remarkable and is in a permanent display of money art at the downtown St. Petersburg office of the Penny Hoarder. 

Sean likes video games, basketball and his friends.  He has exhibited interest in drumming, in the Performing Arts Studio at Creative Clay. 

Kim Dohrman