Sheryl L.

Sheryl started coming to Creative Clay in 2008.  Sheryl enjoys her studio time as well as going out in the community with her friends where she visits museums, galleries and cultural venues, interacts with other artists, and finds inspiration for her artwork. “Art makes me feel good and happy’” she said.

Sheryl has emerged as an accomplished and successful artist.  Dedicated and hardworking, she is proud to be working on her own ideas. She studies new technique and explores artistic ways to express herself.  Sheryl works with a variety of mediums, including acrylics, ceramics, paint markers, watercolors, and needlepoint. She researches, draws and then paints her subjects, which include portraits of Frida Kahlo, Dali and Edgar Degas, sock monkeys, animals, and anything else that interests her.  “I like to sketch first, then paint my background color on a board. Take your time, don’t be rushed,” she said.

Sheryl’s artwork is represented in galleries and local venues throughout the Tampa Bay area, and in many private collections. Her painting of Cleopatra is part of the permanent Egyptian exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of History. In 2016 she had a solo show at Strands of Sunshine, where she sold most of her paintings. Her ceramics and paintings of Star Wars characters are displayed in the Museum of Fine Arts Store through 2018. 

Kim Dohrman