Summer Studio

Summer Studio: Session 1–Weeks 1-4: June 4-29
M-F from 10A–2P
$125 per week
Free lunches will be provided by the Pinellas County School System 

Summer Studio was created to give young artists of all abilities between the ages of 13 and 22 the opportunity to learn, express, and sell their art over the summer. Led by professional artists, summer studio will serve those youth interested in learning about drawing, painting, fiber arts, mixed media and ceramics in an individually-paced studio environment with a focus on employment readiness.

Summer Studio: Session 2–Weeks 4-8: July 2–27
Monday—Friday, 10A–2P
Free lunches provided by the Pinellas County School System
Please see below for criteria.

Learn Self-Advocacy and Job Readiness Skills through the Arts
During this 4-week program, participants will engage in art-making specifically designed to build self-awareness and promote self-expression.  In addition, students will gain transferable job-readiness skills as they design, market, and host a community art exhibition of their own creations. 

Some of the art projects Summer Studio artists will create: 

Job-Readiness Skill Building Activities: 
•    “All About Me” Collage/Vision Board
•    Ceramic Self-Portrait Mask
•    Handmade Biography Journal/sketchbook
•    “Thank You” Card Making
•    Historical Figure Portrait  
•    “What’s in a Name” – Acrostic artwork
•    “Is that What You’re Wearing?” Costume Event Role Play
•    “A Few of My Favorite Things” Song Writing
•    Favorite Food Sculpture
•    Inspiration Bracelet
•    Artist bio/resume
•    Public transportation
•    Post card design
•    Create labels
•    Price & hang artwork
•    Photograph artwork
•    Customer service/artist networking
•    Social media and post card marketing
•    Event/workplace attire
•    Process art sales (cash and credit transactions
•    Online application (artwork submission)

Summer Studio artists will work in a variety of media including: pencil, ink, water color, acrylic, ceramic and mixed media.

Important: Students receiving funding through Vocational Rehabilitation must meet the following criteria in order to attend Summer Studio Session 2: 

1. Students must be between the ages of 14 and 21. (Students who will turn 22 before August 31st, 2018 will not be eligible for VR funding.)

2. If the student is graduating in the spring of 2018, they must have a letter of acceptance from a post-secondary education or training facility.

3. Students must have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or letter signed by the school administrator stating that the student is being served by the school as a student with a disability. 

4. Signed Parental Consent to release disability-documentation information to the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

For Session 2, Weeks 4-8, please contact Creative Clay’s Employment Program Director, Marcy Miller, at 727-825-0515 to register or get more information about Creative Clay’s Summer Studio. 

Many participants may qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation funding to cover the cost of tuition. 

1846 1st Avenue S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Thank you to our supporters who make this experience possible for our community: