Shasta G.

Shasta, originally from Chicago, has been with Creative Clay since 2015.  She started making art in high school and said, “I love art. I don’t dwell on the past. I look toward the future.”  After college in Clearwater, Shasta was in the Navy for three years as an assistant pilot, and became a radar specialist on her ship. She expressed that she liked being in the service because it was a challenge for her.  She also speaks French, which she learned in high school and never forgot. 

Shasta paints with acrylics, her favorite medium, and experiments in styles that range from abstract to figurative. She references artists she admires, such as Modigliani and Frida Kahlo. Her series of portraits of women, both famous (Coretta Scott King) and from her imagination, appeared in a 2017 solo exhibit, “Elegant Women” in the Good Folk Galley.  Her work, including hand drawn artist cards, can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts Store.







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