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Artlink Vocational Program Description

Creative Clay offers four categories of employment services within the Artlink program: one-on-one professional artist apprenticeships, on-the-job training internships, off-site on-the-job training and employment placement, and job-readiness training. These vocational services are outlined in greater detail below. 

Professional Artist Apprenticeship 

Creative Clay’s Artlink Apprenticeship Program places promising student artists with professional artists in the local community. Artlink participants meet with their professional artist supervisors a minimum of four hours per week for four to six months. During these meetings, student-artists work alongside professional artists as they engage in artistic and business skills that are transferable to a variety of settings. Artist mentors pass on important business skills necessary for a successful career as a professional artist. At the conclusion of the OJT apprenticeship, a selection of the works created during the training program will be included in an art exhibition held at a public museum, gallery, or other cultural venue in St. Petersburg, FL. In 2018-19, the Artlink Apprenticeship program was made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts. Artlink teams include:

Some of the expectations for Artlink apprentices include: 

·      Setting artistic goals, 

·      Writing a project proposal and budget,

·      Creating an Apprenticeship Journal,

·      Creating artist statements/bio, 

·      Attending gallery openings and events,

·      Creating a minimum of 5 art pieces in any medium,

·      Preparation of artwork for gallery submission,

·      Initiating and completing artwork submission process,

·      Networking, marketing, and community engagement. 

2019 Artlink Apprenticeship Teams:

Marissa H. and Rissa Olson
Marquise R. and Calan Ree
Tyler B. and Lourdes Rosas-Rasdall
Cameron P. and Jonathan James
Sydney R. and Meike Groh
Cory B. and Gordon Harlow
Mikey J. and Rick Crandall
Damlary R. and Alli Arnold
Tate F. and Mason Gehring

Creative Clay’s 2018-19 Artlink Apprenticeship Program is generously funded by the NEA and donors like you!

Creative Clay’s 2018-19 Artlink Apprenticeship Program is generously funded by the NEA and donors like you!

Community Employment: On the Job Training

The Artlink community employment program was created to help individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment in arts related positions, or within cultural organizations. Participants are chosen for further job development based on their mid-term evaluation and progress in the internship program. Selected students attend three potential job site visits and apply to their selected employment opportunity. Creative Clay supported employment staff continue to provide ongoing support to individuals placed in outside and track employment outcomes for 3 years. 

Job-Readiness Training

In addition to working in one or all of the positions outlined above, each member of the Artlink Apprenticeship Program has the opportunity to participate in 8 to 20 hours of job readiness training. These participants learn soft skills, such appropriate workplace attire, communication, and self-advocacy. Additionally, students learn to navigate public transportation, job-seeking strategies, resume development and how to complete job applications.  


The success of the Artlink Apprenticeship program is measured using a variety of evaluation tools to gauge the transfer of skill and knowledge, increases in self-advocacy, exhibition viewers' perceptions of artists with disabilities, and overall satisfaction by all stakeholders. We use the following evaluation tools:

·     Artlink Evaluation Rubric,

·     Trainee Self-Advocacy Rubric,

·     Trainee and Supports Artlink Satisfaction Survey,

·     Professional Artist Satisfaction survey,

·     Exhibition Visitors' Perceptions Survey, and 

·     Midterm and Final Supervisor Evaluation Forms

For more information regarding the Artlink program, please Contact Creative Clay’s Director of Human Relations and Supported Employment, Marcy Davidson at 727-825-0515 or


Creative Clay’s Artlink Internship Program is an arts-focused job training program that has three distinct areas, each with its own unique job description. These areas include Gallery Receptionist, Studio Assistant and Repurpose Store Attendant. Interns have an opportunity to participate in training in one or any combination of these three areas. Interns may work four hours per day and up to two days per week. Interns who qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation services are paid minimum wage. 


Internship Job Descriptions 

Repurpose Store Attendant: 

Creative Clay’s repurpose store, Creative Thrift, allows us to capitalize on unused donations we receive from the community, reduce our need for storage, create a great resource for local artists and provide us with an ideal retail training setting.  Repurpose Store Attendant Interns gain experience in the following skills:

  • Point-of-sale system operations

  • Assemble pre-made craft packages

  • Check-in donations

  • Sort & price donations

  • Greet and assist customers

  • Bag/box sold items

  • Complete time-sheets and work descriptions 

  • Clean and maintain equipment and work area 

  • Engage with customers regarding Creative Clay’s mission and daily operations

  • Prepare sample products to promote sales

  • Product display design

  • Organize and maintain products and work space 

Gallery Receptionist:

Creative Clay maintains a public gallery of the work created within its studios throughout the year and all artwork is for sale. 50% of the income from these sales is paid to the member artist and the remaining 50% is reinvested back into the art center’s programing. Creative Clay has one of the largest collection of folk art within the region and patrons are invited to visit the shop five days a week (Monday – Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Interns who choose to participate in the Gallery Receptionist position receive training in the following job duties:

  • Greeting patrons,

  • Introducing visitors to Creative Clay and its mission,

  • Answering the telephone and taking messages,

  • Processing artwork sales using the ShopkeepâPOS system,

  • Purchasing and maintaining office supplies,

  • Utilizing the copier/printer and fax machine,

  • Assisting with the maintenance of mailing lists,

  • Tracking and reporting art sales commissions,

  • Notifying member artists and their families of special events, and 

  • Completing time-sheets and work descriptions.

Studio Assistant

Creative Clay has five working studios, four of which operate five days per week throughout the year: the main Community Arts Studio, the ceramics studio, the performing arts studio, the Transition studio (for youth 18 to 22) and a youth program studio, for children 6 though 12. Interns who elect to train as Studio Assistants receive instruction and experience in the following duties: 

  • Organize art supply areas, artwork shelves, bookshelves, storage areas, and sink area;  

  • Studio maintenance,

  • Greet member artists as they arrive, 

  • Track attendance, 

  • Monitor waiting areas until studio sessions begin,

  • Sharpen pencils and crayons, wash paintbrushes, and dispose of defective ones;

  • Work one-on-one with student artists to help them accomplish artistic goals, 

  • Assist the studio instructor with structuring and implementing special activities,

  • Distribute monthly calendars, and 

  • Complete time-sheets and work descriptions.