Impact of Donations

When you give to Creative Clay, your money can be used in a number of ways to sustain our organization and provide meaningful art and cultural experiences for our member artists. Here are just a few examples of what your gift can provide:


$50 - Gas

Full tank of gas to transport member artists to art galleries, museums, libraries and other community venues on a daily basis.

$65 - Scholarship

Scholarship funding for one session in our daily community arts program in the studio.

$100 - Paint & Brushes

Five gallons of acrylic paint and 12 paintbrushes which will support painting classes and projects for three months.

$150 -  Scholarship

Scholarship for a child to attend one week of Creative Clay’s Art Around the World inclusionary summer youth arts camp. Funding directed to children ages 6-12 with disabilities and/or low income.

$350 - Studio Art Supplies

Studio art supplies for the Community Arts Program (acrylic paints, Sharpie markers, colored pencils, gesso, journals/sketchbooks, canvas, masonite board, pine 2×4 for framing)

$375 - Professional Artist 

Creative Clay hires professional artists from our community to mentor and support the artistic growth of our member artists. The cost of one artist for one week is $375. We hire six to eight artists per week.

$500 - ArtWalk Sponsorship

Sponsorship for music, food and beverages for three monthly 2nd Saturday Gallery ArtWalks.

$1000 - Artist Team Sponsorship in Artlink

Sponsorship for one artist team in Artlink, our annual six-month mentorship program, that pairs a professional artist with one of our member artists who collaborate and create visual and performance art. Special exhibit showcases the work.

$1500 - Advocacy: Trip to Tallahassee

Each Spring, Creative Clay heads to Tallahassee to advocate for people with disabilities on Developmental Disability Awareness Day. Help us with the cost of hotel rooms for seven people, fuel and food.