Cecil C.

Cecil who was born in Hawaii, started attending Creative Clay in 2015. He can be found in the studio engaged in his artmaking. Using his written words and journals, Cecil creates a unique and distinguished style of art. “I like to write. I write words about the day, in pen or pencil.  I glue my words and make paper collage, and I paint.  I use markers to draw eyes and faces.” he said. 

Cecil applies his words and lettering skills to build on new ideas. He photocopies his journal, cuts the copy into pieces, pastes them on a board in a design, and creates mixed media paintings. The result is truly one-of-a-kind. His subject matter may include a cat, a man or a flower incorporated into mixed media designs or surrounded by borders of his words.  He also makes greeting cards and paints tote bags, works with watercolor and oil pastels, builds bowls out of paper mache, and creates sculpture from stacked, collaged boxes.  Cecil decorated vinyl albums with his words, and completed a painting of an eye coming out of a flowerpot.

Cecil’s artwork is exhibited and sold in the Good Folk Gallery, and displayed in exhibits and offices in the Tampa Bay area.  He also likes to go to the YMCA, museums, and the library, where he reads magazines.

Kim Dohrman