Joseph H.

Joseph (JJ) is from Ohio. Since 2004, JJ has been part of the Creative Clay Community Arts Program.  JJ can be found in the studio, at work on his large drawings and paintings, in the gallery studying the newest exhibit, or, at his artist files reviewing his large collection of sharpie marker drawings.  He is a prolific, accomplished and self-motivated artist whose work can be found in private collections, local galleries, the Museum of Fine Arts Store, and in our own Good Folk Gallery. 

JJ’s art is big and bold, in bright colors of sharpie marker or acrylic paint. He begins his process with black line work that emerges into pattern and design incorporating human and animal figures often in a seascape or landscape.  He then adds his colors, all over and inside each shape, creating a vibrating stained glass effect.  His work is powerful and joyful to explore. 

JJ explains, “My ideas comes from me.  I draw a lot and I paint a lot of people. I can draw a head, a tail and all different sea life, dragons and people. I draw a lot of different shapes and I put them together, all different shapes. And lines, horizontal, that look like stained glass.”

JJ’s drawings of Star Wars characters, created to co-inside with Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit 2017-18, are on view and for sale at the Museum of Fine Arts Store, St. Petersburg.


Kim Dohrman