Dolores M.

Dolores is a long-time member of the Creative Clay family of artists, having first begun as a member artist. Through the years, she has developed her technique and her paintings are easily recognizable for they feature landscape, nature and flora and fauna. Dolores has been commissioned many times throughout her career as a Creative Clay member artist to paint pieces for offices and homes.

Dolores’ nurturing spirit and congeniality earned her a spot as a teaching artist. Twice a week, Dolores teaches a small group of Creative Clay member artists. They appreciate her gentle, kind nature, as well as her expertise.


Dolores is at ease in a group and enjoys speaking with the public about her art. Several times, she has accompanied Creative Clay staff and board members to meetings of local funding organizations, where she has spoken passionately and thoughtfully about her art and what Creative Clay has meant to her.

Dolores also believes in advocacy and fighting for the rights of those in marginalized populations. Several times, she has accompanied our CEO, staff and other artists to Tallahassee during the Legislative Session for Disability Awareness Day. She thrives in this environment, where she can discuss the arts, how being a Creative Clay member artist has impacted her life and advocate for funding, all while drawing portraits of our lawmakers.

Dolores’ many talents help the staff and artists realize their mission and vision of making the arts accessible to all.

Kim Dohrman